Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Rough Start

So my knitting adventure last night didn't go quite as planned. Let's just say I am a complete buffoon when it comes to knitting.

To summarize:

I dropped my needles on the floor about seven times. I knew I was in for struggle when K, our instructor, said to hold the needles like chopsticks - I can't work chopsticks to save my life.

K had to unravel my work and re-"cast-on" my yarn to my needles twice.

I couldn't decide whether I should be right- or left-handed. This is a common issue for me, but more on that another time.

The gal next to me, M, was an absolute pro. She had completed about 10 stitches before K had finished explaining the chopsticks method for holding the needles. Luckily she was super nice and ended up giving me a couple of great tips.

When the rest of the class was learning to "purl" because they had completed the requisite five rows of the "knit" stitch on our practice swatch, I didn't even have one good row. After two hours I never did get those five rows so I didn't graduate to purling. To avoid getting too far behind, I have to try to teach myself via an online tutorial or perhaps by watching someone knit on you tube this week. Yeah, as if that is going to work. Know any good tutorials or videos?

We did not exactly get to choose our yarn. So no pretty pink or orange cashmere for me. K thought we should use something as thick and as light in color as possible since beginners are such slow knitters and light colors make it easier to see your stitches. So I am going to have pale yellow of this for my scarf.

I have to admit that even despite all of my troubles, I absolutely loved it! I practiced after class at home and have gotten a little better. My husband, Mr. Prepster, thought I was absolutely nuts when he walked into our bedroom and I was knitting in the bed. Oh well, let's hope I improve before we actually start the scarf pattern next week!


suburban prep said...

the first class I went to I didn't get much done. For the life of me I couldn't do the knitting like most Americans (throwing). The next class I attended there was someone who did the European method (picking). I am left handed for everything but writing and well the European method for some reason is the method that left handers have an easier time using when knitting.
Keep on trying because it is such a useful hobby and way of life.
Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

We are most impressed you even went to a class -- that is something we have been talking about doing. For months. It's probably actually years that it's been a conversation, not a happening, so good for you!