Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Gear for Fall

Yesterday's downpour prompted me to get these adorable houndstooth wellies. They are really going to come in handy for my walk to work this fall and winter and are an absolute steal as far as price goes.

Now I just need a raincoat and I'll be all set for fall as far as crummy weather outerwear goes. Any suggestions for a cute, reasonably-priced raincoat? I'm in search of something three-quarter length that is dressy enough for work but not totally boring.

Happy weekend everyone.


Me! said...

Have you checked out J. Crew?

Preppy in Philly said...

Thanks for the tip! I did check the store to no avail but I'll look online and hope they have more of a selection. Luckily no rain is in the forecast this week.