Monday, September 1, 2008

Late Summer Fling in Charlottesville

My fondess for Charlottesville grows heaps every time I visit. How cute is the downtown pedestrian mall pictured below? Yes, I am quite biased. After all, I did meet the man of my dreams here, get engaged here and get married here (and am here celebrating our anniversary now). But still, what's not to love about this place? The countryside surrounding the town is stunning and filled with vineyards, it has great weather most of the year, there are a ridiculous amount of delicious restaurants, especially for such a small area, several absolutely picturesque hotels (see here, here and here) and even more great shops. It has the perfect combination of southerness, sophistication and charm. My kind of place indeed. Check it out sometime when you want to be south, but not too far south, and when you want to eat or shop your way through an all in all cool, preppy locale. You might just fall in love...

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