Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preppy in St. Michaels

If you live within driving distance of the lovely Chesapeake region, a day or weekend trip to St. Michaels, Maryland is definitely an order. This seaside town has a nice relaxed pace, loads of charm, a number of quaint little shops to browse (if you appreciate Italian art and cuisine, check out my favorite shop, Simpatico) and last but not least, gorgeous views to take in while you dine or have afternoon tea or cocktails.

We are kicking off our first wedding anniversary trip in St. Michaels this year. If you have a special occasion coming up or if a bit of a "splurge" is in your budget, the Inn at Perry Cabin is pure, heavenly relaxation. I'm off to the pool. Ahhh, vacation...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Love

Labor Day has always been my favorite "long weekend". Even though this time of year is no longer filled with the excitement of going back to school (think about how amazing that first week of high school, college or grad school was each September... old friends, new supplies, new outfits... pure bliss if you ask me), Labor Day weekend will always be significant in my life because it marks our wedding anniversary. Our first one is fast approaching and all week I've been trying to mentally relive all the excitement that came with Labor Day weekend 2007 in Charlottesville. Random memory from the Thursday before Labor Day, one year ago... our two families met up and worked together, for about 6 hours mind you, to assemble well over 100 of hotel welcome bags for our guests (even though they didn't exactly match our wedding theme colors, I adore the striped canvas bags). Believe it or not, this activity was super fun because it meant the wedding weekend was finally here.

But more wedding memories and pics another day. Right now, I'm anxiously trying to decide what to pack for our anniversary trip back to Charlottesville, with a little detour to St. Michaels, Maryland on the way. Here's what I came up with:

If only I actually had all of these items... Happy almost Labor Day Weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Polyvore Fun

I got started on Polyvore this morning. How have I gone so long without knowing about this wonderful packing tool? Here's what I came up with using "Around Town" and "Summer Dinner Date" as my inspiration (both with my upcoming 1st Anniversary trip in mind). Now that wedding planning is behind me, creating a "set" on Polyvore may become my new favorite work-procrastination activity. Click on either of the pictures to visit my Polyvore page and see other sets I've made.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Preppy Friends!

Lately I've been a little slow at work due to this but I've been so inspired by all of the fantastic preppy blogs out there that I've decided to join the party. Early family photos let me know that I was always a preppy girl at heart. Yes, there were sailboats, polka dots, hair ribbons and knee socks and I may or may not have matched outfits with my sister (and brother and Mom). My current sense of preppy has been shaped by a midwestern upbringing, a couple of southern universities and now, life as a 20-something newlywed in my new home on the East Coast. I hope to dish out and gain even more preppy style as I share my latests goings on in my Prepa-, er, Phila-delphia world.