Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preppy Philly Places: Apothecary

Last night Mr. Prepster and I ventured over to "Midtown Village" to have dinner and drinks at Apothecary. Here's my review of this Preppy Philly Place.

Apothecary Bar & Lounge
102 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Happy hour was going on upstairs in the lounge bar and the roof deck connected to it. They have a whole downstairs restaurant (pictured) but oddly, that was closed off. Decor in the lounge was very modern with shades of gray and nice votive candles. There were leather lounge benches and small cocktail tables along with a bar that had seating. Very hip yet a relaxing ambience.

Well, it would have been relaxing if there hadn't been about eight girls amid the gossip session of a lifetime coupled with three cocktails each right in the middle of the lounge. Luckily, it was a nice night so we sat outdoors on the roof deck, which gave us a great view of 13th Street and although all the tables were taken, was much quieter than the lounge.

They had a creative drink menu with loads of fresh fruit and interesting cordials. Very limited snack/dinner choices though. There were only about 4 apps, 4 paninis and 4 flatbread pizzas to choose from. We got a flatbread pizza and a panini along with "El Floridita" cocktails (kind of a grapefruit capriana that was a nice pale pink color with a round lime slice, but a bit too pretty and fruity for Mr. Prepster). My pizza was yummy but I did have a bit of food envy over the girls next to us who were having wine and fondue.

All sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately it took 25 minutes to get our drinks! The one waiter/bartender/foodrunner/host was extremely swamped and was pretty much a one man show. Clearly they did not expect to have so many patrons on a Wednesday. Even so, it was a good time and is definitely worth checking out, espcially for those who like to branch out from the usual vodka soda or cosmo. Cheers!

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