Monday, September 15, 2008

Found a Raincoat!

I just ordered this raincoat in "bright flame" to go with my new boots. I've been admiring this lovely item for awhile (am a tad obsessed with ruffles) so it was very exciting to be able to get it on sale and with my J.Crew Fall Rewards $25 gift card! Props to this blog for giving me a free shipping code too. If you like J.Crew, check out J.Crew Aficionada regularly for some great offers as she is religious about listing all current coupon codes on the righthand column of her site.


Lauren said...

My sister has the same coat in the same color. She loves it and it is adorable in person!

Kim said...

I love that coat! The ruffles and the color are amazing!!

Preppy in Philly said...

Thanks! Now I am just hoping the order doesn't get canceled. The final sale items on J.Crew make me nervous these days.