Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out from Under the Covers

I've finally emerged from home after a horrible case of the stomach flu. Not fun, but the important thing is I am back just in time for the weekend. Lots to look forward to with my birthday celebration upcoming as well as the Eagles in the Conference Championship Game and Monday off work for MLK Day!! I think Mr. Prepster is going to take me here for my birthday dinner. Such a pretty setting and I can't wait to drink out of one of their lovely wine glasses. We will need to bundle up because it is supposed to be in the single digits here in Philly. Anyone seen any preppy and cute scarves, hats or mittens lately? I am in search of some new ones.


Prep-E Girl said... friend went there once. She said it was yummy!!!

Katiellirb said...

Simon Pearce is AMAZING! You're going to love it! The best part: every table has a view! Check out their brunch too if you can.

Kate said...

Check Kate Spade. I got my sister the orange earmuffs. She also has cute gloves