Tuesday, January 6, 2009

9 Resolutions for '09

Here's what I hope to "improve" about myself this year...

1. Work out at least twice per week (gotta start somewhere, right?)

2. Drink more water (hopefully a consequence of actually achieving 1.)

3. Invest in more special, interesting clothes that I actually need and will wear for years to come instead of mindlessly purchasing whatever tops are on final sale each season at J.Crew

4. Cook more, eat out less

5. Find reasons to have friends over for appetizers, dinner, drinks, etc., i.e. actually use all of my cute wedding serving plates and things!

6. Read more quality books (my list of books read last year consisted of way too many with the word "shopaholic" in the title)

7. Attend church more regularly and give thanks for my wonderful marriage, family and good health

8. Keep in better, closer contact with my two siblings

9. And finally, pay off my student loans


Mags said...

I like many of your resolutions, mainly because they are reasonable. I'm hoping I can do many of the same.

SPG said...

Great resolutions!! I have to drink more water too!!