Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Washed Out!

Mr. Prepster and I are great big Phillies fans. We endured this last night and are ready to go back for more of Game 5 when the weather allows. I can't believe I was actually at a baseball game in my North Face ski coat, Uggs, long undies and a horribly ugly enormous yellow poncho and was still wet and freezing. P.S. I am still feeling wet and freezing 12 hours later! Let's hope for better luck for us and for our beloved team tonight!


Prep-E Girl said...



Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Prepadelphia, the whole time we watched it, (*especially* after it started raining really hard) we thought of all the fans who were sitting and freezing to death. Honestly, it looked just miserable.

We are actually pulling for the Phils, and hope you are able to go tomorrow night! Go Phillies!

Preppy in Philly said...

Thanks for all of the good vibes you are sending to the Phillies and to those of us who will be freezing tonight! One more win :)

MMM said...

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The 5 Bickies said...

Big Win for the Phils...hope you got to see it.