Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off to Wine Land

This afternoon we're headed to sunny California to attend a wedding of my good friend in the Napa Valley. I've only been to wine country once, and only for a day that time, so I am definitely psyched to take in all the scenery and taste lots of yummy vino. Does anyone have suggestions for a must see place or a must taste wine? The wedding is going to be at Hans Fahden Vineyard in Calistoga, which from the website and the picture (left) looks absolutely gorgeous. Let's hope for a sunny, clear day for the bride and groom! I hope to keep you posted on our adventures over the course of the weekend...

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suburban prep said...

I love the Wine Country.
My mother is from San Francisco so I have been quite a few times. I used to go every year at crushing time. It is just so beautiful.
Have a great time.