Monday, October 13, 2008

Preppy Things I Love: Mariposa

I hope everyone has a nice fall weekend! We had some friends over on Friday night so we had the occasion to use some of the entertaining items we received as wedding gifts. I was reminded how much I adore the Mariposa "string of pearls" serving pieces. You don't ever need to polish these items like you do traditional silver - Mariposa items stay glowing and gorgeous without effort on your part.

Since I discovered Mariposa's website this morning and they have many more items than I ever thought existed, I wanted to share favorite items with you all (though I can't copy the pictures, you can click on the links below). A lot of this stuff is going on my Christmas list!

Things I have and love:
-Pearled round platter with wood insert - perfect for cheese and fruit
-Pearled sauce dish - I use this on my cocktail table for pistachios or other nuts
-Pearled cake stand - this can be used to display cookies too
-Pearled round serving tray - so pretty for champagne service
-Pearled wine coaster - especially good for white bottles to guard against condensation
-Beaded box with butterfly weight - cute cocktail napkin holder (see more napkin holders, they are a Mariposa specialty)

Things I want:
-Pearled pie caddy - this would be beautiful on a Thanksgiving or Christmas table
-Pearled oblong casserole caddy - fancy lasagne?
-Pearled cupcake tier - who doesn't love cupcakes?
-Pearled cracker caddy - to match the cheese platter above
-Pearled spreader set - more cheese-related items

Any one else adore Mariposa as much as I do?


Lauren said...

I love these pieces! When I got married I registered for Arthur Court because that is all the store carried. I hope to add a few Mariposa pieces down the road. I love using pewter for the exact same reasons you stated. Silver is beautiful but I don't like to polish it all the time.

Enjoy your week!

Preppy in Philly said...

Thanks! I actually have a plate with magnolias on it from Arthur Court that I love too.

Prep-E Girl said...

Very nice fellow D. Valley girl!