Monday, November 24, 2008

Preppy PJs

Like so many others, Mr. Prepster and I are going away this Thanksgiving. While it would be fun to host someday, we are still at an age where it is nice to relax at his parents' house for 4 days rather than having to worry about putting on the whole shebang ourselves. Here's the thing though... Mr. Prepster's family tends to like to "get comfy" shortly after dinner and so everyone puts on sweats/pjs/robes, etc. and hangs out in them for the rest of the night. As you can imagine, I suffered through a couple of awkward holidays there in the last several years with my really inappropriate and/or uncute sleeping garmets on full display for my new family. Luckily I remembered this "tradition" in time to get some cute new PJs to take with me this year. I found these preppy, comfy pants from Old Navy and this cami and henley from Gap for ridiculously cheap, and now I'm all set for comfy family time this Thanksgiving!


Kate said...

I may have to check out the henley. I really need a new pj top!

The Pink Tutu said...

Cute! I always love to get new pajamas when going on a trip or to visit my boyfriend's family. these look very comfy!

Katiellirb said...

Love the PJ pants! I really should probably upgrade from leftover cotton yoga pants to actual PJs!