Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cute Paper Cafe Recipe Cards

I was so enamoured with the recipe cards I won from The Paper Cafe on MMM's blog giveaway that I decided to order them for my Mom, Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law. The cards are so cute, personal and make a fab gift for the bargain price of $25 for 20 cards. Actually, I think these would work as holiday gifts for assistants, co-workers, hair stylists, nannies, etc. who love to cook. Below are pictures of the ones that I chose. You can find more designs if you search "recipe cards" on The Paper Cafe's website or you can design your own!
For my Mom:

For my Mother-in-Law:

For my Sister-in-Law:


Prep-E Girl said...

I LOVE mine!! Which ones did you get? How exciting that we won!

PS - Coming to the Philly meet up?


Preppy in Philly said...

I got the same ones that I got my Mom. They are adorable. I will email you about the meet up. Thanks for planning :)

An Atlanta Bride said...

That are too cute!